Saturday, June 9, 2012

totally not radical

I cannot fathom how stupid I feel. What was I thinking? How could 
anyone ever like someone like me? At least someone normal. It's ridiculous, this feeling. It's not like I've ever kissed a boy, or been in an actual relationship. Not these fluffy "we like each other" things. Why did I give myself so much hope? Stupid, stupid Kara. 

Not caring was working so well. Then it was like, "Hey, you might have a chance. GO FOR IT". Then it was like, "HAHAHAHA you're so stupid, why would you ever have a chance like that!!".It was totally unbelievable. I gave myself so much false hope. I was on a hope high. I was actually happy for once. I knew I would get hurt. Either by myself or by a boy or something of the sort. Guess what crazy thing happened? I got hurt. I am hurting. Shocker.

I am almost completely friendless. I've always been boyfriend-less(If you don't count that one time in 5th grade). I give myself way to much hope. I over think everything, it kills me. It hasn't been the best week/weekend. I just really hope it gets better. Alright. My rambling is done. Go back to your wonderful lives(maybe, you have a terrible life, I don't know. I'm sorry for assuming that. Forgive me).


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